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Small Business Gift Guide 2020

Gifts you can feel good about

This year has been especially challenging for small businesses. So it’s my pleasure to bring you my first ever gift guide, highlighting some of the wonderful (and unique) offerings available from small players you might not have heard of.

I started this guide initially to give a shout-out to my website clients, but it grew rapidly to include friends both “old” and new!

Please keep in mind that because these products and services are from small companies, the item you’d like may not be in stock forever. So I suggest you browse – and shop – early.

If you contact any of the small businesses featured, please mention you found them here.

Small Business Gift Guide 2020

This guide is organized in sections:

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Gifts available in the USA

Optimistic, and inspired by nature

Good Sheila makes bright, colourful and optimistic paper goods and gifts, inspired by the color in nature and the power of the written word. Artist Lauren Tilden believes in giving back; 5% of profits are donated to good causes. I love the sentiment of this seeds print.

Good Sheila

Uplifting essential oil

Because stopping makes you unstoppable, why not give a special friend this essential oil blended to support intention-setting, slowing down, inner listening, and deep gratitude?

The Pausibility Essential Oil arrives in a complimentary golden gift pouch accompanied by a raw, clear quartz crystal to help amplify your energy.

Pausibility from Pause Box

Fashion and fine art

Ellen Brook‘s work has been called visual poetry and I can confirm that in person, it’s absolutely stunning. Whether painting or designing, Ellen says she prefers to let the colors lead the way.

For gifting inspiration, I warmly recommend her collection of silk scarves. Silk wine bags and small pieces of art are available too.

Ellen Brook

Coins that grow!

These handcrafted parsley & oregano seed coins are made of recycled paper pulp embedded with seeds. Lovewild Design then letterpress prints each coin and ties them in a stack of 20. The set is tucked in a gift bag with planting instructions.

This Brooklyn, NY studio specializes in sustainable gifts, so I suspect there will be lots more here to tempt you.

Lovewild Design

Carefully curated chocolate

Not only does Cococlectic bring you delicious chocolate from makers who create chocolate bars using nothing more than cacao beans, sugar and cocoa butter… but it’s available as a subscription gift too.

If you’re reading this gift guide the week it’s released, look out for their virtual chocolate tasting event on Nov 21st!


Abstract art on canvas and paper

Rajiv Khilnani is an award-winning artist who specializes in vivid, abstract pieces featuring 2 or 3 dominant colors. If your walls need more energy, you’ll enjoy browsing his canvas and paper creations.

Rajiv Khilnani

Needle felting moose kit

This is a season when I find it easier to make time for crafts, so I was delighted to come across this quirky kit to make your own moose. Now, admittedly, I’ve not tried needle felting before, so I can’t vouch for the difficulty of this project. But he’d make an adorable gift for someone with nimble fingers.


Toast & Jam tea

You had me at “tea”. Or was it “toast”?

Handcrafted in small batches, Thistle & Sprig teas feature sustainably grown herbs, spices and flowers. They’re sourced from family-run tea farms or cooperatives with strong social and environmental standards.

For Toast & Jam, roasted Japanese Houjicha is blended with organic hibiscus to provide a mellow toast flavor complemented by mildly tart jammy notes.

Thistle & Sprig

Art by Stacy Russo

So, what’s behind you on the wall when you’re on a Zoom call? My office art needs a gentle upgrade and I was especially drawn to these upbeat mixed media examples from Stacy Russo. Inspiring titles include Follow Your Bliss and Moon Prayer. If you’re not 100% sure of the taste of your gift recipient, check out the Women’s Wisdom notecards.

Stacy Russo

Love & Light Kit

There’s a good chance that somebody on your gift shopping list has lost a loved one this year. Or maybe they have a December bereavement anniversary, making the “festive” season perpetually difficult.

The Love & Light Kit is an especially thoughtful choice for this situation, offering carefully selected items to help remembrance.  

Zakiya Fatin

Gifts available in the UK

Mouthwatering bakes, Argentine style

Want to try some new tastes this year? Como en Casa brings delectable treats, made with Argentine recipes, to the British palette! Look out for alfajores, a melt-in-the-mouth sandwich cookie. Many items can be posted safely to you.

Como en Casa

Pure & natural soap

Handmade in Devon, beautifully presented, using ecological oils and nothing else added. Emma’s Soap is also packaged so that nothing needs to go to landfill. Gorgeous gift sets available too.


Esessence Therapeutics

Premium, therapeutic grade essential oils are blended for you by Esessence, with a handy way to shop by the benefit you need: boosting energy, reducing anxiety, promoting sleep and so on. How about Crimson, a seasonal blend to fill your home with festive fragrance, including antiviral properties too?

Shipping also available to Europe and the USA.


Handcrafted ceramics from the Yellow Shed Pottery

For texture and soul that jump out of the photo, check out this hand built pottery inspired by Korean & Japanese ceramics. Debbie Page offers moon jars, water pails and more… free P+P in the UK.

Debbie Page Ceramics

Fashion accessories to give... or to keep

You might be a little spoiled for choice when you browse Spirit & Grace Style. And I reckon there’s a chance you’ll want to treat yourself, too. 2020 has certainly taught us the importance of “bee-ing” kind, and you’ll also find really pretty necklaces, scarves, and more.

Spirit & Grace Style

Lovingly made soy candles

Who doesn’t love a candle for this time of year? Doris & Burn get consistently rave reviews for their range of soy candles, including lemongrass + ginger and mulled wine.

This is their first year in business, so let’s help them end it strong!

Doris & Burn

Glass art, big and small

Whether you fancy commissioning a stained glass window, or would be content with a special piece of jewellery, glass artist Suzanne Raffellini has something to tempt you. Workshops available too in Buckinghamshire (UK).

Suzanne Raffellini

All you need for Hygge living

With everything from diffusers to natural firelighters, alpaca bed socks to a candle making kit, House of BlueBelle has you covered for a hygge evening, weekend, or longer!

House of BlueBelle

Gifts for everywhere

The gift of singing!

Aside from the sheer pleasure, singing improves your confidence and focus, lowers stress and teaches mindfulness! Ms Hannah Sings offers lessons online, so you can learn to sing from anywhere in the world.

Ms Hannah Sings

Silver and gemstone jewellery

The obvious danger of compiling a gift guide is that I’ll end up treating myself more than I probably should. TamsinDJewellery is a gorgeous online store where I could do some serious damage. You had me at “sea glass” …  and there are many more lovely styles here.


Discover new authors

When I published my own collection of light-hearted novels, I realized that most readers think we authors are aloof, famous, wealthy, and not-to-be-disturbed.

The reality is that many of your favorite authors love to hear from readers. We’re delighted to respond to your messages and many of us will sell you a signed book if you ask in good time.

For a special reading treat this year, why not send a note to one of these lovely authors, and ask how you can support them by gifting their work?

And for all your reading needs, remember your local independent bookstore will welcome your support!

Custom family tree

It’s been several years since I discovered the inspiring artwork of Evajuliet. She now specializes in custom family tree art which is not only beautiful, but it would make an especially meaningful gift in a year when families may not be able to gather in person.

Free shipping for the USA and Canada.


Migrateful cooking classes

Migrateful is a registered charity, so not technically a small business, but I love their mission to help refugees and vulnerable migrants to run their own cooking classes. You get an enriching culinary experience, and your host chef enjoys income, a boost in confidence, and some English practise.

There are 25 cuisines to choose from! Classes take place online and (subject to restrictions) in south-east London.


For kids: keenly priced e-books

Got a crowd of young kids to buy for? Looking for something more nourishing than candy? Fine Kids Books offers competitively prices e-books for children aged 3-11.

Fine Kids Books

For the man in your life: a style upgrade!

Men can be sooo hard to buy for, right? And, is this a year where your husband, partner, brother or dad has neglected his personal style and grooming?

Many men would benefit from a style boost but don’t know where to start. That’s where a gift certificate from The Fly Square comes to the rescue. Consultations are online, with advice including color analysis and investment dressing.

The Fly Square

Gifts for yourself and your small business

And now to my favorite section of the guide: treats for yourself and/or to help your own business. Because you can never have too much stationery, right??

Learn to take better photos... of yourself

If you’re a small business owner with an Instagram presence, you won’t be surprised to know that sharing photos of yourself can really help to build the know, like and trust factor with your audience. Personal branding photographer Sophie Carefull understands many of us flounder when it comes to taking pics of ourselves. She’s offering this affordable online workshop to help you put your face on Instagram with confidence!

Sophie Carefull Photography

Gorgeously affordable business cards and stationery

Love stationery? Running your own small business is a great excuse, I think, for investing in some quirky personalized bits and pieces. I have “standard” business cards too, but I get loads of compliments on the round cards I ordered from Posh Girl Boutique. If you’d like a personalized gift for a friend (notecards, for example), this is a great store to browse.

Posh Girl Boutique

Fast track your social media posts

Do you find yourself grappling with what to post on social media? VA Emma Read offers a wide selection of ready-to-use quotes, including both self-care and motivation topics. You’ll save hours with a collection like this.

Emma Read

Design your own planner

I’ve already admitted I have a thing for stationery. Even though I keep my appointments now in Google calendar, I love to do my weekly planning on paper. But… well, you know how it goes: you can never quite find the perfect planner. That’s where Agendio comes in: it’s a premium service, but you get to specify what you want on every single page. Be warned, once you fall down this rabbit hole, it may be a long time before you emerge. I loved my Agendio planner and am getting ready to order another. Read my full review here.

Agendio (affiliate link)

Give yourself time: hire a writer or editor

Ivy Pope is offering you a special discount on writing and editing services, so please mention you found her here!


One of my favorite business books

I adore this branding book from Fiona Humberstone and reference it frequently when I give talks on deciding the style direction for your website. It’s a gorgeous read and would make a lovely gift for yourself and your business.

How to Style Your Brand (affiliate link)

Give yourself a new website!

And of course I must leave you with a plug for my own services to make your business marketing dramatically easier.

For a custom-designed website that’s both professional and attractive, learn more here.

Want to learn to build a basic website yourself? Join my free course.

And you’ll find further free resources from me here.

If you enjoyed this year’s small business gift guide, please help by sharing it with a friend!

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