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Bookish Graphics for Social Media

I have an offer today that I hope you’ll like: ready-made graphics with book and reading themes, ideal to post on social media.

Recently I’ve been musing that purposeful productivity is only attainable for your writing life if you have some basics in place. This topic merits a post of its own, but suffice to say, if you don’t have certain key things to support your writing, meaningful productivity will elude you.

Similarly, if you’re spending hours on repeater tasks like feeding your social media channels, that will zap you of true creative energy too. So I hope to alleviate this problem with this free download!

30 Graphics for Social Media

  • Designed for writers and authors.
  • Bookish quotes or reading themes.
  • Sized for either Twitter (10 graphics), or Facebook/Instagram (20 graphics).
  • Royalty-free (they’re made from the wonderful resources offered at Unsplash).
  • Available in a choice of blues or pinks, to work with your brand.
  • Buy them as part of my Writer’s Productivity Bundle.

Free social media graphics for authors, blue | Pauline Wiles

Free social media graphics for authors, pink | Pauline Wiles

Now bundled with 6 other resources

These graphics are now available in a bundle with 6 of my other most popular productivity resources for writers.

Buy them here.

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