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Three Word Stories

Short stories are on my mind at the moment as I’m working like crazy to get Attention Span and other stories ready for release very soon!

This collection features tales of varying lengths, the shortest just ninety-nine words. So I was fascinated to see recently on social media a challenge to convey a story in just three words!

Three word stories

Having started the ball rolling with my own effort, Kettle is on, I turned to readers to see what you’d come up with. I really enjoyed the results, so am sharing a few of them here:

  • Granddaughter is here.
  • Then we hugged.
  • Positive doctor visit.
  • Good news today.
  • Today is Friday.
  • Baby has arrived!

I loved the themes of everyday pleasures, and that positive relationships were uppermost in your minds.

As for Attention Span, I’m still working out pricing details but I do know it will be free for newsletter subscribers. To be notified when you can get your copy, please sign up here.

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