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I aim to be completely transparent about my services and would hate for you to encounter any surprises. Hopefully these FAQs address most of your website questions, but don’t hesitate to email me if you would like additional information. You can view my portfolio and read testimonials from other clients, too.

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The websites I build are simple, stylish and easy to maintain. I truly believe that every writer, no matter your level of technical confidence, now has the ability to claim an online home. I’ll make sure you only have the features you need, so you can spend less time on your website and more time writing. And the ongoing costs are exceptionally low. I truly don’t think you’ll find better value.

I built my first website back in 2000. Since then, I’ve watched with curiosity and excitement as the technology for getting online has become simpler and more affordable.

I’ve published five of my own books, with over 90,000 sales & downloads. When I create your website, I bring seven years of book marketing experience. As a friendly accountability partner, I’ll move your website from start to finish as smoothly as possible. You’ll spend less time worrying about technology, and more time writing.

As an author myself, I know what you need, what you don’t, and how to deliver it to you in the most cost-effective way. I’m British-born, now living in California, and will make sure your website meets the highest standards in grammar, spelling, and consistency. Read more about me here.

You’ll incur additional costs paid directly to and to your domain name registrar. At present, this is $19 per year to Carrd and $12 per year to Google Domains.

I believe these costs are some of the lowest you will find. Please note however, I have no control over these costs rising in the future.

Once I hand your website over to you, I provide cheatsheets, videos and 1 or 2 training calls as free support. However, custom edits and additional 1:1 help from me will incur extra charges. I do try to keep these reasonable, as I truly want you to love your site. You can read about my extra services for existing clients here.

See also the previous question, about your ongoing costs.

I understand that sometimes your true needs only become clear once you begin a project.

If we get started on your website and you realize you would like a higher package, I offer you the ability to pay the difference and upgrade.

Note that for all packages, the initial deposit is non-refundable after our first call. I’m available to answer any and all of your questions before your purchase.

I work fast, but you’re a vital partner in this process too: your site is custom made for you! If I receive all the information I need from you in a timely manner, many “Greet” sites are ready in 4 weeks, or less. At busy times, this can extend to 6 weeks.

“Reach” and “Engage” sites usually take longer because we’re setting up your mailing list, too.

I may be available to start work on your website immediately, but often there is a short wait while I finish up existing projects.

If you’re in a hurry, please shoot me an email to check availability, before you purchase your package.

Me. I don’t take your money and then farm the work out. I care deeply that you get a quality end result that you love, and I take personal pride in every single website I build.

At the end of the design and build phase, I transfer your website to you and give you guidance in making edits and updates. You’ll also get access to cheatsheets and videos, to learn at your own pace.

Each package also includes either 1 or 2 short training support calls to use during your first 6 months.

The technology behind your website is provided by They provide a quality, modern service and I love working on their platform.

Be aware, though: the ongoing availability of your site is dependent on Carrd, not me. In the unlikely event that they stop offering website services, your site will most likely disappear. I have no control over Carrd’s future service or pricing.

That said, Carrd offers a technology solution that I believe is second to none in terms of quality and price. I am thrilled to work with them.

Absolutely. Carrd is a fantastic option and I’m proud to shout about it.

I’m developing a group training option to guide you through the website design process in a structured, affordable course. Please contact me for details.

Otherwise, you’re welcome to work 1:1 with me if you’d prefer me to take care of all the technical and design details for you. You’ll get my honest branding and marketing advice, and ongoing support. I’ll also be your accountability partner in getting your website completed.

For the “Greet” and “Reach” packages, you’ll pay 50% of the package cost upfront, before I begin work. When your website is complete, and you’re happy with it, you’ll pay the remaining 50% before I transfer ownership of the site to you.

For the “Engage” package, there are 3 payment milestones.

I use a secure online payment system, managed by Square.

Most clients find their site is ready within 4-6 weeks (and often much quicker). If we reach the 3-month mark after your first payment, and you have not supplied everything I need to create your site, I will ask for further payment before I continue with your project. I will never ask for early payment if the delay is on my end.

When I work with you on a custom design, I dedicate hours of personal attention to your project. Allowing for this, and the marketing expertise I bring to your business, I believe my fees represent exceptional value.

  • I design simple websites and don’t sell you features you don’t need.
  • The platform I use is sleek and speedy, so my work in building your site is streamlined.
  • I’ve automated parts of the process, like your welcome packet and meeting scheduling.

Yes, of course. I try to be sensitive to time zone differences and will aim to be available for project meeting calls at a time that works for you.

As far as I can tell, I’ve set up my payment system to welcome international clients. If you have any difficulty with it though, don’t hesitate to let me know and we’ll come up with an alternative.

Yes, gladly. I aim to be transparent about my process and would hate you to be surprised. I want you to be happy with your site, and I aim to make an honest wage too. See my full terms and conditions here.

No problem! Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help.

"Pauline is knowledgeable, talented, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without reservation."

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