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Previous students who are authors or service-based business owners have found the course especially valuable.

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Previous students say:

"I've achieved more in three weeks than I have in the last year. Pauline is a relaxed and friendly teacher."
Marie Wilson
Bed & Breakfast Owner
"Pauline is a charming and knowledgeable teacher who always has time to help her students, no matter how simple or complex the questions may seem. I learned a lot from this course."
Life Coach
"This was a very rewarding workshop--I was really impressed with how intuitive the carrd.co platform is to use, and Pauline provides tons of useful guidance on content, design, and website mechanics. The website I built in two weeks is so much prettier and more functional than my previous site! "
Coralie Tate
"I understand that a good website is crucial to sell my services. Pauline's course gave me all the information I needed to create my website. She also provides extra bits of knowledge, from her own experience as a website creator and author and this is a special bonus."
Elmari Schutte
English Tutor

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