Website Design Process

I realize that if you haven't worked with a web designer before, you might not know what to expect.

And even if you have, maybe I do things a bit differently during my web design process!

Here’s an overview of how I’ll work closely with you, to create your website.



When you decide you’d like to work with me, you’ll get a welcome packet with all the information you need and some important pre-work, to get you thinking about the purpose of your website.


We’ll then “meet” by phone or Zoom so I can get to know you, your writing, and your goals for your site. I’ll ask lots more questions so we come up with a design that’s tailor-made to your needs. And of course we’ll discuss answers to your questions, too.

Video meeting
Gather information


Now, you’ll provide me with the text, images and other content you’d like for your site. If there’s something you’re not sure about, or get stuck on, we’ll flesh it out together. I might make further suggestions for aspects of your writing (or books) you should include. I’m a great accountability partner for this stage!


I then create the initial version of your website, pulling together your brand, your content, your links and your purpose for the site. Every website I build is custom-made for you and will reflect your unique gifts as a writer or author. I admit, I love this part!

Building your website
Video meeting


We’ll meet again (using Zoom so we can share screens) and discuss the initial website. You’ll tell me what you like and what you don’t, and we’ll decide on the revisions we need.


The work is now in my hands again: I’ll make those revisions and ask for your comments. Depending on your package, I allow for either 2 rounds of revisions (“Reach” and “Engage” packages) or 1 round of revisions plus 1 round of minor edits (“Greet” package).

Building your website
Mailchimp work


“Reach” and “Engage” packages only.

If you purchased this package, we’ll work now on setting up your Mailchimp account. I’ll design all your Mailchimp forms and branding so that they match your website beautifully, and I’ll embed a sign-up form in your website so that visitors can join your email newsletter list. I’ll encourage you to draft an initial welcome email for new subscribers, and I’ll set that up so it goes out automatically when people join. We’ll also talk about what you might use as a “lead magnet” to attract new subscribers. My “Engage” package includes extra lead magnet assistance, as well as graphic design for your business cards and social media headers.


Once you’re happy with your website, you’ll set up your own account with Carrd, so you’re ready to take ownership. Depending on your package, and whether you already own a domain name, you might buy one at this stage, too.

Payment sketch


You’ll make your final website payment and then we’ll meet again by Zoom for me to hand your website over to you. I’ll perform quality checks, help you link your domain (if applicable) and give you a quick tour of your site. This is our day to celebrate success!


Depending on your package, you’ll now receive some helpful materials on making the most of your new website. And for all packages, you’ll get access to cheatsheets and videos for updating your site. I want you to feel confident in making updates to your website, so I don’t abandon you once your site goes live.

Group training calls


And last but not least, I’ll ask for your feedback on the process, so I can continue to improve my work. If you’re happy with your new website (and I truly hope you are), I’ll also ask you for a testimonial which I can share with other potential clients.

"I would highly recommend Pauline for web page design! ...The entire process was simple, smooth and fast."

Ready to get started?

I’d love to get started with designing and building your website. If you’re ready too, schedule your free consultation call.

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