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What’s the one tool every writer needs?

I believe a simple website is one of the first things a writer should put in place. Even if you don’t yet have anything to publish, it proves to you, and the world, you’re serious about your work.

And if you do have books or articles available for readers, then you mustn’t let social media be your only online foothold. Plenty has been written by others about being in control of your own platform and having a central place where readers can find you. Plus, the rules (and costs) of reaching your social media followers can change instantly.

Free website design | Pauline Wiles

What’s holding you back?

If you’re overwhelmed by all that’s involved in establishing your writer website online, download this free starter kit now. I promise, it will work magic in helping you feel able to move forward. (And if by chance it doesn’t, let me know what questions you still have!)

Or, is cost standing in your way?

I believe my website design packages represent the best value for money you’ll find right now. My high quality, professional work, strategic questions, and years of book marketing experience combine to create a website for you which not only looks beautiful but is effective too. See some examples here.

Nonetheless, if cost is your biggest barrier, you’re in luck. I’m relatively new in business and am not yet fully booked with clients. So:

For an initial period of at least a year, I’ll be selecting a pro bono website client every other month. That means you can win a simple website, with everything that’s included in my “blue” package.

Free website design: how to apply

You’ll need to visit this page to get all the details of my pro bono service and apply for your free website design. I want you to be clear on what you’ll get under this arrangement, and it’s also essential that when I contact you, you’re available to work with me and can send what I need to create your site promptly.

I’m offering pro bono work to help build my portfolio and because I genuinely want to help writers and authors like you get online with your own website. I’m excited to collaborate with you!

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