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Word of the Week: Zing

It’s a good thing we no longer judge women for getting about a bit (do we?) because this has been a week where I’ve been popping up brazenly all over the web.

So, I wanted to say a brief but heartfelt thank you to the kind people who’ve hosted me.

  • Chick Lit Central

    Chick Lit Central

    With the beautifully organized help of Samantha at CLP Blog Tours, the Saving Saffron Sweeting book tour got underway. Since travel is hungry work, you can win gourmet cookies by commenting here.

  • Chick Lit Plus gave the book 4.5 stars and said, “Grace is such a fabulous leading lady.”
  • I enjoyed my moment of fame on the ever-changing bookshelf at Chick Lit Central.
  • Indie superstar author Joanne Phillips kindly made SSS one of her topics in the A-Z blogging challenge. (Guess which letter?) She later made me blush in gratitude by calling the novel “warm, witty, totally engaging” on Amazon.
  • Not only did Beth at Curling Up With A Good Book feature one of my favourite excerpts, she also got me to confess 3 wider life lessons I’ve picked up while writing.
  • “Hooked from the very first chapter,” declared April Harris, The 21st Century Housewife. Thanks April! She also asked me about the celebrations I really miss from England.
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd has a delightful owl theme on her site. In her review of the book she said she “just loved the witty phrases and cheery sarcastic humor,” but also warned, “this book will make you very hungry for sticky toffee pudding, batter rolls and toasted teacakes.”  Oh good, mission accomplished!
  • If you consider yourself a Brit-ophile, be sure to visit Britrish.com where you’ll enjoy a delightful daily peek at (usually) English life. In the interview there, I declared my undying passion for John Lewis but acknowledged how lucky I am to live near San Francisco.
  • Mum taught me not to brag, but I’m afraid that goes out the window when you’re a self-published author. Especially since the lovely Minding Spot blog said, “If you like some humor with your romance, with great writing and clever characters, pick up Saving Saffron Sweeting!”
  • Another fun excerpt was published by Storm Goddess Book Reviews, featuring cricket bats and purple paint. Nikki’s review included, “The characters are memorable and quirky. The dialog zings and the narrative is just full of fun and humor.” With that, zing officially became my word of the moment.
  • The week came to a delightful close thanks to Indie Author Land where I admitted with something of a red face that I enjoy cheddar cheese and fruitcake together. I also likened the book to Bridget Jones meets Bill Bryson, which will probably offend a few more people.

Huge thanks to everyone above who shared their corner of the interwebs with me. Having listed that lot, I can see why this week has felt pretty busy. The blog tour continues next week so I’ll hope to see you on the road!

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