Writer Resources

Writer Resources

Tips, tools, and resources to manage your writing time

As well as creating simple, stylish websites for writers and authors, I’ve gathered my favorite resources and tips for writers here. They’ll help you not only manage your website, but make the most of your writing time too.

Conquer procrastination, boost your focus, discover new tools, or simply get smarter at productivity and time management!

Free website starter kit

Do you need a new, or better, author website? Not sure where to begin?

My Author Website Starter Kit guides you through the initial decisions you need to make. With 8 clearly explained steps, you’ll feel confident and ready to take action.

Free author website starter kit | Pauline Wiles

Tips for writers

Mini course: Focus for Writers

Would you like your writing to flow, not flounder?

Is your lack of focus holding you back? Join this free mini course today. You’ll receive 5 email lessons with quick, practical steps to improve your focus. Includes a course workbook, bonus videos, and additional downloads. 

Webinar Replay

7 Mindset Shifts to Reduce Author Stress

Enjoy instant access to this free webinar replay. 

Learn some simple tweaks for indie authors to feel calmer and boost productivity.

37 minutes | Download slides

Purposeful Productivity Manifesto

Print & keep handy

Productivity is not about being busy all the time, and for writers, it’s not just about the number of words on the page.

This free printable contains truths about time, mindfulness, and the importance of tiny steps.

Want more resources like this?

Get free tips and tools to manage your website and writing time:

Popular articles for resourceful writers

Want more resources like this?

Get free tips and tools to manage your website and writing time:

Private Facebook Group

Join the Resourceful Writers Facebook community for discussion, support and accountability on time management and self-care. You’ll find plenty of website resources, alongside tools and tips for writers.

To buy

Content Calendar for Authors

Done for you! A year of promotional content ideas.

  • Do you struggle to find time to write and keep in touch with your readers?
  • Do you waste hours stressing about what to post on your blog & social media?
  • Is your author newsletter floundering, because you never know what to write about?

Get this content calendar containing a year’s worth of topics now.

  • 7 pages of calendars.
  • 4 pages of bonus ideas.
  • 9 minute audio guide.
  • Find out more
Indie with Ease | Pauline Wiles

Book: Indie With Ease

Practical ways to conquer stress, boost productivity, and love your self-publishing career.

Being an indie author should be a delight, not a drudgery. Indie With Ease demonstrates how a blend of clear purpose and steady pragmatism will enable you to thrive as an independent publisher. Through simple self-care techniques and a few mindset secrets, you’ll maximize motivation and minimize author anxiety.

Resolutions for Writers

Are you tired of making the same old writing resolutions, year after year?

Do you struggle to live up to your good intentions for more than a few days? 

Purchase this 3-part audio seminar to learn:

  • Why traditional resolutions don’t work;
  • Two fresh approaches for setting goals and intentions;
  • Tips and secrets to give your planning the boost it needs.

The seminar is 39 minutes and is accompanied by a PDF guide containing key points, reflection questions, and notes pages.

Writer's Productivity Bundle

7 Popular resources in one great-value bundle.

Bundled together for the first time and at a bargain price:

7 of my most popular resources for writers who want to work more intentionally, and manage their time better. This collection offers insight about your workload, mindset and processes, and saves time creating content for social media.

  • 50 Self-care Ideas for Writers;
  • 30 Ready-to-use social media graphics;
  • 25 Reasons You Can’t Focus;
  • and 4 more.

Want more resources like this?

Get free tips and tools to manage your website and writing time:

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