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Bring more ease to your writing.

As an indie author with over a quarter of a million words published, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned many lessons along the way. I’m enthusiastic about helping other authors avoid the overwhelm that can result from juggling the myriad tasks which accompany self-publishing. I mentor others in achieving purposeful productivity while protecting energy levels and creativity.

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Mini course: Focus for Writers

Would you like your writing to flow, not flounder?

Is your lack of focus holding you back? Join this free mini course today. You’ll receive 5 email lessons with quick, practical steps to improve your focus. Includes a course workbook, bonus videos, and additional downloads. 

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Webinar Replay

Enjoy instant access to this free webinar replay: 7 Mindset Shifts to Reduce Author Stress.

Learn some simple tweaks for indie authors to feel calmer and boost productivity.

37 minutes | Download slides

To Buy: Indie with Ease

Practical ways to conquer stress, boost productivity, and love your self-publishing career.

Being an indie author should be a delight, not a drudgery. Indie With Ease demonstrates how a blend of clear purpose and steady pragmatism will enable you to thrive as an independent publisher. Through simple self-care techniques and a few mindset secrets, you’ll maximize motivation and minimize author anxiety.

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