Serenity Project 15: Be Inspired
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Serenity Project 15: Be Inspired

Sometimes I find I need to look a little outside myself in order to draw inspiration to push forward with my goals. Hearing an uplifting message, or a different perspective, or being challenged to question your assumptions can all…

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What I’ve Been Reading

Like many people, I wish I could “find” more time to read, but experience tells me that a yearly Goodreads challenge of about 30 books is a realistic target for me. Most of my “reading” is now audiobooks in…

Serenity Project 11: Exercise Daily
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Serenity 11: Exercise Daily

I’m deeply disappointed that this topic fell during my can’t quite handle this break from blogging and I’m determined to give it a better try very soon. Could physical activity be the holy grail of serenity? I think it…