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How Do I Define Serenity?

Whoops! Well, obviously nobody’s perfect. I sent this to my newsletter subscribers a few weeks ago but apparently neglected to add it to this site. I spent extensive time thinking about what Serenity means and how I define it.…

Waking Up Too Early | Pauline Wiles
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Waking Up Too Early

During the past few weeks I’ve heard from several of you that you’re currently struggling with waking up too early. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this is the time of year when our mornings are lightest (with birds…

Time is something you make
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My Top 5 Posts About Time

Time’s been on my mind this week, and not just because I’m off to England for some family fun, and trying to pull a few ends together before I go. No, I was also struck by this wise advice…

Writer's Life

Guest Post at #NaNoProMo

Author friends, have you checked out #NaNoProMo yet? It’s a month-long festival of book promotion tips and writerly giveaways, hosted by Rachel of BadRedHead Media. The event is named to inspire those who’ve done National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)…

Indie with Ease | Pauline Wiles
Writer's Life

Cover Reveal: Indie With Ease

This is my first foray into nonfiction, combining lessons from publishing four books with key themes from the Serenity Project. Indie With Ease is aimed at writers, particularly those who want to pursue the self-publishing route but feel overwhelmed…