What Am I Up To?

Photo: New York Times

In case things seem a bit quiet on the blog, here’s an update on some of the projects swirling around my head. (Note to self: remember to glide more, flap less.) Book 3 in the Saffron Sweeting series, Sweet Pursuits, has gone sailing off to my terrific proofreader, Jude White. Huge thanks to the incredible team of beta readers who provided both warm encouragement and some tough love! With a favourable wind, publication will be January 2017. I’m preparing for … (read more)

Author Event: Stop Dreaming & Start Writing

Indie Author Day, Redwood City Library, 2-4pm

As part of Indie Author Day on Saturday October 8th, I’m excited to be speaking at Redwood City Library in northern California. I’ll be giving an overview of the indie publishing process, entitled Stop Dreaming and Start Writing, with lots of time for questions and discussion. (Click the image for a full-size pdf.) We’re a little challenged for space, so the session will run first from 2-3pm, then repeat from 3-4pm. The event is free and no registration is required. … (read more)

Glide More, Flap Less

Photo thanks: Juha Soininen

I have a new mantra: Glide More, Flap Less. As of this moment, I’m making a public commitment to go a little easier on myself. I’ve already blogged about the pressure I put myself under to publish Sweet Pursuits this year, even though 2016 is fast ticking away and I want to “have a life” too. But it goes beyond that. As an indie author, I’m not subject to publisher deadlines or outside requirements, but instead I consistently squeeze myself … (read more)

Even Sweeter Next Year

Photo thanks: Oi Leen

Since I recently announced my third novel, Sweet Pursuits, is in the final stages of editing, I want to update you that the anticipated release date will now be January 2017. I was keen, originally, to publish the next in the Saffron Sweeting series by early November of this year, thus avoiding the Thanksgiving/festive period when reader attention is understandably elsewhere. But then I took a look at the timeline… and sanity prevailed! Did you know that it’s only 13 … (read more)

5 Things the Guide Books Don’t Tell You About Dublin

Powerscourt Centre

I admit this is a little off-topic for an “anglophile” writer, but I thought it was likely many blog readers would be as interested in visiting Ireland as they are England. I was in Dublin at the start of June and made some scribbled notes of these insider tips to share: Arrive earlier than you think for the Book of Kells Dating from around 800AD, the beautifully illustrated Book of Kells is one of Dublin’s top attractions. Your guide book … (read more)