60 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to England

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Subscribers to my newsletter now get another free guide! As well as 50 British Foods to Try Before You Die, I’ve just completed 60 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to England: Several current subscribers contributed memories of their first time on English soil, including navigating tiny country lanes, the mystery of butter in sandwiches, and even a hilarious karaoke narrowboat cruise. To get both free guides, sign up for my news here. If you’re already subscribed, I’ll be … (read more)

Celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day!

Yorkshire Puddings on Pinterest

Today is apparently Yorkshire Pudding Day and this got me thinking about the various ways to enjoy this special British dish. Firstly, know that Yorkshire Pudding is not a dessert (although it’s so versatile that with a few additions, it serves perfectly well as the basis for a sweet treat). Made from a simple batter of eggs, flour and milk, it’s baked in the oven and is the classic accompaniment for roast beef. You can get a feel for recipes … (read more)

What Am I Up To?

Photo: New York Times

In case things seem a bit quiet on the blog, here’s an update on some of the projects swirling around my head. (Note to self: remember to glide more, flap less.) Book 3 in the Saffron Sweeting series, Sweet Pursuits, has gone sailing off to my terrific proofreader, Jude White. Huge thanks to the incredible team of beta readers who provided both warm encouragement and some tough love! With a favourable wind, publication will be January 2017. I’m preparing for … (read more)

Author Event: Stop Dreaming & Start Writing

Indie Author Day, Redwood City Library, 2-4pm

As part of Indie Author Day on Saturday October 8th, I’m excited to be speaking at Redwood City Library in northern California. I’ll be giving an overview of the indie publishing process, entitled Stop Dreaming and Start Writing, with lots of time for questions and discussion. (Click the image for a full-size pdf.) We’re a little challenged for space, so the session will run first from 2-3pm, then repeat from 3-4pm. The event is free and no registration is required. … (read more)

Glide More, Flap Less

Photo thanks: Juha Soininen

I have a new mantra: Glide More, Flap Less. As of this moment, I’m making a public commitment to go a little easier on myself. I’ve already blogged about the pressure I put myself under to publish Sweet Pursuits this year, even though 2016 is fast ticking away and I want to “have a life” too. But it goes beyond that. As an indie author, I’m not subject to publisher deadlines or outside requirements, but instead I consistently squeeze myself … (read more)