Do you like surprises in books? | Pauline Wiles

Do You Like Surprises?

It seems to me that surprises in life, and surprises in books, are two rather different things. In life, I don’t love surprises How about you? Do you feel a special thrill when someone goes to the effort of…

Reinventing | Pauline Wiles
Purposeful Goals

Reinventing Yourself: Nine Tips

I admit it: part of me wishes I had woken up on my fourteenth birthday with a steadfast desire to be a nurse. Or an astronaut. Or anything, really. It would have been mighty convenient to make every career-related…

Easier Meditation | Pauline Wiles

An Easier Approach to Meditation

Chances are, you’re either already practicing meditation or you think it’s a total load of baloney. If you’re in the second camp, please try this: stop thinking of it as meditation, and start thinking of it as practicing paying…

Beginner's guide Welsh Rarebit | Pauline Wiles
Anglophile, Tea & Food

Beginner’s Guide to Welsh Rarebit

Coming up soon, September 3rd has been named National Welsh Rarebit Day in honor of this incredibly tasty toasted cheese snack. It’s one of my favorite indulgences and happily, no rabbits are involved. What is Welsh Rarebit? The simple…

Purging Paper | Pauline WilesPurging Paper | Pauline Wiles

Purging Paper: Reader Q&A

Whenever I talk with readers about clutter and feeling organized, paper is invariably mentioned. It seems many of us struggle with far too much paper in our lives. It forms insidious, accusatory piles all over our homes and in…

Blog edits underway | Pauline Wiles
Productivity for Writers

Major Edits Underway!

This “maintenance in progress” post is for you if you’re one of my wonderfully loyal readers who have subscribed to get all of my new blog posts: I’m beyond excited to be working on some significant website changes, including…