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Color Palette Inspiration: Fall

I admit, I love geeking out over color palettes. It’s one of the parts of website design I enjoy enormously, and I’m fascinated how colors play together. Not everyone has an eye for color, but if you do, inspiration is all around us.

Fall Color Inspiration for Web Design

To celebrate the season, here are some color options which would work well for a website if you’re attracted to fall/autumn tones, write about the natural world, or want an earthy, eco-friendly vibe to your online brand.

In each case, the photo comes courtesy of Unsplash, and I’ve used to show the corresponding colors which would give you realistic options for your website. The “hex” color codes are included, in case you want to use one of these combinations in your own work.

Autumn color palette 1

Option 1: #2d262e ; #d06119 ; #869368 ; #ddcec6 ; #4c414a

Autumn color palette 2

Option 2: #210c1f ; #bb9951 ; #303348 ; #d1d5df ; 70758d

Autumn color palette inspiration 3

Option 3: #0c2252 ; #179397 ; #615954 ; #e7d7cb ; #d18a3d

I love this time of year, but I’m not generally drawn to the typical autumn color tones. So I was surprised to see how much variety there is here!

Even if you don’t brand yourself with autumn colors, which one of these do you like best?

Watercolor bubbles

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    October 31, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    I love all three images, but I particularly like the one with the cat.
    Those colours have an extra touch of elegance 🙂

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