Need a new website?

Not sure where to start?

Simple Website Starter Kit

Are you confused and overwhelmed by the choices and technology available for your website?

This free 8-step Starter Kit lays out how to begin.

With clear explanations and impartial advice, you’ll feel confident and ready to take action.

The Simple Website Starter Kit guides you through the basic decisions you’ll need to make, explains concepts like hosting, domains and platform, and gets you beyond feeling overwhelmed.

Working through 8 steps, you’ll:

  • Identify the key purpose of your website;
  • Pause to consider your skills and strengths;
  • Choose a website platform;
  • Gather your main content;
  • …and more.

The Simple Website Starter Kit contains my tips for whether you should consider designing your own website, or whether you should aim to work with a professional. Depending on your technology skills and time available, I also suggest which website hosts/platforms are worth your consideration.

And the Starter Kit includes a checklist for the content and images you should gather, before design work begins.

It’s free. Get yours now.