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A few weeks ago I asked myself (and you) the question, What is Mindful Marketing?

This topic resonates with me because I’ve long been interested in intentional living, including mindfulness, self-care, and thoughtful time management.

These days in my website design business, I encourage all my clients to adopt a clutter-free, less is more approach. And I have a strong personal aversion to “icky” sales language, fear of missing out messaging, and swiped copy which sounds the same as thousands of other marketers, all grasping for success.

Resources for Mindful Marketing | Pauline Wiles

I wrote more in that earlier article about what I think mindful marketing means, instead. And since then, I’ve had my ears and eyes wide open to identify others who feel similarly about how we promote our businesses.

Happily, I’ve found several folk who are talking about this topic in ways that feel refreshing, honest and sustainable. Here are just some I’ve gathered so far, and I’ll update this list as I come across others.

Mindful Marketing – Who to Know

  1. Grow with Soul podcast. Hosted by Kayte Ferris, these episodes are for creative business owners and dreamers who want to grow soulfully, sustainably, and slowly. Look for her (free) slow marketing workbook, too.
  2. Ruth Poundwhite offers coaching, group activities and a podcast for “Quietly Ambitious Humans”. She talks often about how introverts can manage energy and show up.
  3. Sarah Santacroce hosts the Gentle Business Revolution podcast and “gentle” is a theme of her courses, membership and affordable community, too. I enjoyed working through her Mandala for Conscious Marketing, which you can download from her website.
  4. Mindful Productivity with Sarah Steckler is a podcast I’ve enjoyed for ages. Recently, she’s begun offering content on starting your own podcast and publishing your own journal. Her style is particularly open and honest. For example, a recent episode is titled “Shitty Things Online Business Owners Do.”
  5. Couragemakers, hosted by Meg Kissack. Multi-passionate? Creative? I think you’ll love this one. And I’m super excited that, along with co-host Katie Snyder, a special book club series has just started, delving into Playing Big by Tara Mohr.
  6. Thanks to Shelley who tipped me off about this Tedx talk: Welcome to the Kindness Economy by Mary Portas.
  7. I’ve only looked at a little of George Kao’s content, but his phrase netcaring instead of networking certainly got my attention!
  8. Here’s another one with a powerful name: the Anti-Hustle Project sounds like the kind of place I’d love to spend more time. Founder Ruth Newton describes this as finding a way to live a full life, doing all the things you want to do, without running yourself into the ground.
  9. Lastly (for now): this one doesn’t currently emphasize marketing, but the perfectly titled Calmpreneur tackles important topics around mental health for entrepreneurs. I’m convinced that trying to follow a marketing path that feels inauthentic can breed self-doubt, stress and burnout, so I’m happy to recommend the resources here too.

Interestingly, the majority of these individuals are based in the UK or Europe. Is that coincidence? Did I simply discover one person, who then led me to others? I’m not sure. I certainly don’t feel qualified to generalize on the marketing philosophy of Brits versus Americans. But I’d love to know if geography, upbringing and culture plays a role in how we choose to share our message with those who need it. Let me know your thoughts.

Favorite Tools

Alongside these resources, I’ve also compiled a list of the Top 33 Business Tools I like to use for my website and online business. Click here if you’d like a free copy:

Top 33 tools for your website

And of course, if you can suggest other wonderful resources to help us define and direct our marketing in a mindful way, please share them!

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